Discover Bio - Specyfikacja

CEM Corporation

Synthesis Scale 0.025 – 1 mmol
Reaction Vessel Sizes 4 and 25mL polypropylene vessel
Chemistry Fmoc or t-Boc (no HF cleavage)
Temperature Sensor In situ Fiber-Optic
Agitation Inert gas bubbling
Waste Container 1L reservoir standard
Controller Discover keypad or through external software package
Power 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz
Dimensions 14.5”W x 17.2”D x 8.7”H
(36.2cm x 43.2cm x 22.1cm)
Warranty 1-year full warranty
US7393920; US7582728; US8058393; EP1491552; JP4773695, with additional worldwide patents pending