MARS 6 Synthesis

CEM Corporation

The ultimate microwave synthesis system for flexibility in teaching or research. Use GlassChem Vessels

Perform synthetic reactions in parallel or as single, large-scale chemistries all in one easy-to-use system.

Totally redesigned with an impressive list of features and capabilities, MARS 6 was developed to make microwave synthesis virtually effortless, while retaining the features that make it so popular for teaching and research.  

• Perform up to 24 reactions in parallel using the GlassChem vessels, designed specifically for use in the undergraduate teaching laboratory

• Run open vessel/atmospheric pressure reactions using standard glassware, up to 5 L capacity

• Temperature and pressure options for an array of different vessel types

• Large wide-format, high-resolution, acid-resistant touchscreen – no external controllers needed

• Remarkably easy-to-use, intuitive onboard software

• Advanced sensor technology for vessel recognition, temperature and pressure control

MARS 6 Places in the 2012 GIT Innovations Awards

mars6_gitverlag_award_2012.jpgThe MARS 6 won 2nd place in the Laboratory Equipment & Technology Category of the 2012 GIT Innovations Awards presented by GIT Verlag Magazine. The winning products were determined by the votes of the attendees of Analytica and ACHEMA, as well as those cast by readers on the magazine's website.