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The World’s First Dedicated
Microwave Peptide Cleavage System

 Full peptide cleavage in 30 minutes or less
 Microcleavage in as little as 2 minutes
 Improved peptide purity
 Increased peptide yield
 Use of less offensively smelling reagents

Peptide cleavage is one of the most important steps in peptide synthesis. If the cleavage fails to produce product or cleavage is incomplete, the results will be thrown off and the entire synthetic process may need to be repeated. Controlled and accurate cleavage is, therefore, critical to peptide synthesis success.

The Accent Peptide Cleavage System performs peptide cleavage quickly and easily to help get the answer you need in the timeframe you require.

Microcleavage in 2 Minutes

Microcleavage can be performed during peptide synthesis to accurately determine the progression of the synthesis by using LC/MS. Performing a microcleavage step is much more definitive than a Kaiser test and there is no better way to measure the peptide quality of an on-going synthesis. Unfortunately, a conventional microcleavage can take over an hour to obtain the results, wasting precious synthesis time in the process. In the Accent, microcleavage can be performed in as little as 2 minutes, allowing the rapid determination of the quality of the synthesis and resulting in very little time away from performing the synthesis itself.


Conditions: 20 mg resin, 2.5 mL TFA/TIS/H2O/DODT (92.5/2.5/2.5/2.5), 38 °C

microcleavage_conv_method.gif microcleavage_mw_method.gif
 Multiple Sizes

Cleavage on the Accent can be performed at three different scales, depending on the amount of peptide required. The disposable fritted reaction vessel comes in three sizes:
 4 mL vessel for microcleavage, 
 20 mL vessel for 0.1 mmol cleavage, and 
 35 mL vessel for larger scale cleavage (up to 0.25 mmol).
The fiber optic temperature probe provides in-situ measurement that controls the power output ensuring faster reactions, higher yields, and improved purity. When used with CEM’s patented single-mode technology, designed to automatically focus microwave energy with maximum efficiency, the Accent acts as the final stage in revolutionizing peptide synthesis.

For more details on 65-74ACP cleavage and other examples, simply ask.