Discover SP-D Gold - Technologia

CEM Corporation

The Discover SP-D features innovative technologies which are the foundation of the system’s remarkable performance.

discover_spd_chemist3.pngCEM’s new patent-pending ActiVent® Technology enables the Discover SP-D to run real-world size samples in smaller volume vessels than would normally be possible. ActiVent safely vents any excess gaseous by-products without loss of analytes, while allowing the digestion program to continue uninterrupted.

CEM’s patented PowerMAX™ simultaneous cooling technology allows more energy to be applied to a sample in a highly-dense field, resulting in faster digestions and more rapid cooling.

The patented focused single-mode cavity is designed to maximize the microwave energy input to the sample in a high-density field, giving the system an efficiency that needs only a fraction of the energy required by multimode systems. (300W vs 1400-1600W) It is the most energy-efficient microwave digestion system available.

The Safest Technology for Microwave Digestion

The Discover SP-D was designed for safe digestions. The unique circular cavity completely encapsulates the vessel in rugged, durable solid steel and is designed to focus energy efficiently on the sample, drastically reducing reaction times. Discover SP-D features full pressure and temperature control for each sample. With CEM’s ActiVent Technology, excess pressure build-up is managed and safely vented without loss of analytes.