SMART Trac II - Moisture & Fat Analysis

CEM Corporation

Fast, Accurate Analysis for Moisture/Solids, Fats and Oils

NEW! Next-generation technology!

Green! No solvents, 95% less energy needed

No costly calibration maintenance

More accurate than FTIR and NIR

AOAC Official Method 2008.06

Due to its accuracy, CEM's award-winning SMART Trac™ Fat and Moisture Analyzer has been a favorite in food labs for years, so when we redesigned it, we made it smaller, faster, and easier to use. You'll still get great results using AOAC Official Method 2008.06, but you'll use less energy, less bench space and take less time!

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CEM Smart Trac IIThe SMART Trac II partners advanced, high performance NMR technology with the fast, reliable drying capability of the SMART Turbo™ Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer to create a system which yields fast, accurate results without solvents or costly calibration.

SMART Trac II's new NMR is smaller and faster, analyzing fats and oils in only 8 seconds! Unlike techniques that only measure fat on the surface of a sample, NMR measures fat throughout the sample, giving you an accurate and direct measurement you can depend on.

The new SMART Turbo is 40% faster than the SMART System5, giving you accurate drying results more quickly than ever before. CEM's patented IntelliTemp™ Temperature Feedback System ensures that you'll get fast, accurate, reproducible results every time without overheating the sample.


Fast & Accurate
The SMART Trac System uses a combination of proprietary microwave drying technology and NMR for a direct, accurate analysis of fat and moisture in minutes, giving you more time to make adjustments to your process and reduce out-of-specification products.

The SMART Trac does not use solvents or other hazardous chemicals.

You don't have to be a chemist to get accurate results. The SMART Trac does not require frequent calibration like NIR and FTIR instruments. It is not affected by changes in the color or texture of the sample, nor is it dependent on sample uniformity. SMARTWare™ software stores methods and test results and guides you through tests.

Rapid Moisture/Solids & Fat Analysis
Analyze Twice As Many Samples Every Day
Milk 4:45 2:51
Cream 3:36 2:24
Cheddar 3:59 2:03
Ketchup 3:52 2:23
Hot Dog 6:00 2:21
Beef 5:02 3:30

New Approval!

CEM is pleased to announce Vietnam's approval of Vietnam National Standard TCVN 8767:2011, which is the country's equivalent to AOAC Official Method 2008.06.

Awards for the original SMART Trac Fat & Moisture Analyzer

R&D 100 Award
Winner of the 2001 R&D 100 Award

Winner of the 2003 NSPE New Product Award