SMART Turbo - Moisture / Solids Analyzer - Cechy

CEM Corporation

Intelli-Temp™ Temperature Control
Consistent results, operator to operator and location to location. Continuous feedback during the drying process eliminates sample burning. This patented system assures that microwave power is automatically adjusted to maintain the user-defined temperature setpoint.

Turbo Technology
Samples reach optimal drying temperature in less than 5 seconds and complete analysis in 40% less time.

Microwave Power Control
Eliminates unit-to-unit and plant-to-plant variations. The SMART Turbo adjusts microwave energy based on incoming line voltage, normalizing fluctuations and providing repeatable test conditions.

Upgrade to Measure Fat
SMART Turbo can be easily upgraded to analyze fat with our innovative SMART Trac system or to calculate moisture, fat, protein and ash with our ProFat system.

Continuous Weighing during Drying
Eliminate operator-to-operator variation. Our patented constant monitoring during drying allows the SMART Turbo to determine the precise time a sample is dry, ensuring complete dryness and an accurate result.

"Dual Monitoring" of Temperature and Weight
Correlation to conventional temperature-based methods is acheived by monitoring both the sample temperature and weight loss. SMART Turbo provides easy method development by enabling users to input the temperature of the standard method and drying to a constant weight.

English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

Versatility - TSS, TVSS, % Ash, Fat and Protein
The SMART Turbo can perform a variety of tests including wastewater applications. When upgraded to a ProFat system it can also calculate fat, protein and ash in raw meat products by simply measuring the moisture content of the sample.