ProFat Meat Analyzer - Rapid Moisture, Fat, Protein Analysis - Akcesoria

CEM Corporation

Intelli_calib.jpgIntelli-Temp™ Calibrator
Fine-tune your temperature feedback system in minutes!

  • Calibrate the SMART ProFat temperature controller to maintain optimum performance
  • Easy-to-use
  • NIST traceable
  • ISO procedures

The Intelli-Temp Calibrator heats to precisely 130 °C and maintains that temperature while the integrated software calibrates the temperature sensor in the analyzer. It takes only minutes to keep your SMART System in the best possible operating condition.

barcd.jpgBar Code Reader
  • High resolution scanner for UPC codes
    Scan sample identification numbers quickly and accurately
  • Ideal for laboratories with a heavy workflow

Scan UPC codes for samples quickly and easily with the handheld Bar Code Reader. Integrated software stores sample numbers and test results.

Glass Fiber Sample Pads

Designed to hold a variety of sample types including solids, liquids and slurries, CEM sample pads consistently provide superior test accuracy and precision. 
Consumables Kit
Includes 5 air shields, 1 balance stem, 1 balance pan, 5 rolls of printer paper, and 5 black printer ribbons
For more information and part numbers, please visit our Consumables page.