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CEM Corporation

CEM offers accessories for the calibration and verification of the temperature control circuitry to meet governmental regulations for various applications.

Improve Results with Quartz Fiber Crucibles

CEM’s unique, patented quartz fiber crucibles dramatically reduce ashing times and cool in seconds. The quartz fiber material allows oxygen to circulate around the sample speeding combustion even with our unique crucible caps in place.

  • Reduce analysis time by as much as 97%!
  • Cools in seconds
  • No need for desiccation
  • Speeds sample oxidation using a flow through advanced material design
  • Withstands temperatures up to 1,000 °C
  • Unbreakable

Crucible caps can be used with our 50- or 100-ml crucibles. Try them out next time you have to ash a sample that needs to be contained.

Ideal for low ash samples and samples with high organic content

  • Contains the sample when ignition occurs
  • Reduces contamination
  • Improves accuracy on ROI and LOI determinations
Automatic replenishment programs, yearly contracts and volume pricing are available for quartz fiber crucibles. For more information and part numbers, please visit our Consumables page. 

To order, contact your local sales representative.

Self-Sealing Quartz Crucibles
For oxygen-free ashing, self-sealing quartz crucibles are available. These crucibles can be used for Carbon Black determination in polyethylene and polypropylene and eliminate the need for slow, fragile tube furnaces.

Calibration Source Instrument (NIST traceable)
The calibration source instrument and built-in system software allow rapid calibration of the temperature control circuitry of the Phoenix Microwave Ashing Systems. A NIST traceable certificate of calibration is supplied with the instrument.

Dual Element ThermocoupleDual Element Thermocouple (NIST traceable)
The type K Dual Element Thermocouple contains two thermocouples in one sheath. While one thermocouple controls the operating temperature, the second thermocouple can be connected to a digital thermometer to verify the accuracy of the controlling thermocouple. It is NIST traceable with a certificate of calibration.

Cooling FanCooling Fan
The furnace cooling fan rapidly reduces heat to the starting temperature.

All Phoenix Microwave Ashing Systems are available with workstation options including a balance and printer.