Mikrofalowe roztwarzanie

Microwave sample preparation is a proven technique that has been utilized for many years for a wide variety of sample types. CEM helped pioneer the field of microwave-enhanced chemistry and many official methods were developed by chemists using CEM systems. That’s why more chemists trust CEM microwave sample preparation systems than any other system available for microwave digestion. CEM designs and manufactures the best-selling microwave sample preparation systems in the world with a large selection of options, vessels, and accessories.

Microwave digestion is used to prepare samples of all types (rocks, plant, soil, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, metals) for elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, or AA, which require the sample to be in the form of a solution in order to introduce it into the analyzer. Acid digestion is employed to break down the sample matrix leaving the elements of interest in solution and ready for analysis. CEM microwave digestion systems rapidly break down a wide variety of sample matrices leaving behind a clear solution containing the analytes of interest.